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What I Do

I am a writer, poet, and teacher of Creative Writing.  I have taught various levels of poetry (Introductory, Prose Poem, and Manuscript Creation) at Alexandra Writers Centre.  I teach for the Faculty of Continuing Education with the University of Calgary, in the Certificate Program in Creative Writing.  Courses taught:  Creative Writing Explorations, Creative Nonfiction, and a final mentor project.  I have mentored privately, and with the Writers Guild of Alberta.  I have worked as a Story Coach in the Author Development Program with the Alexandra Writers Centre.  I am currently mentoring a poet in the Borderlines Writing Circle.  I hold a BA in English from the University of Calgary, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia. 


In 2017, I won the Teaching Award for Continuing and Professional Education.

A Canadian Creative Writer in Calgary

Vivian Hansen

Vivian Hansen

Vivian’s publications include three full-length books of poetry, Leylines of My Flesh, which chronicles the experiences of Danish Canadians in western Canada.  A Bitter Mood of Clouds was released in 2013, and records the life and times of Arne Petersen, who received sex reassignment in Denmark in 1953.  Most recently A Tincture of Sunlight (2017), the story about Old Man, a WWII veteran, biologist and life commentator.  Vivian has published recent essays in Coming Here, Being Here (ed: Don Mulcahy, Guernica Editions 2016), and in Waiting (University of Alberta Press 2018).  She has a short piece in the Calgary Public Library Dispenser Series (2019) “Where We Surfaced.”

My Work

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